Building a Runnable Distribution#

To create a Kyuubi distribution like those distributed by Kyuubi Release Page, and that is laid out to be runnable, use ./build/dist in the project root directory.

For more information on usage, run ./build/dist --help

./build/dist - Tool for making binary distributions of Kyuubi Server

| ./build/dist [--name <custom_name>] [--tgz] [--flink-provided] [--spark-provided] <maven build options> |
name:           -  custom binary name, using project version if undefined
tgz:            -  whether to make a whole bundled package
flink-provided: -  whether to make a package without Flink binary
spark-provided: -  whether to make a package without Spark binary

For instance,

./build/dist --name custom-name --tgz

This results in a Kyuubi distribution named kyuubi-{version}-bin-custom-name.tgz for you.

If you are planing to deploy Kyuubi where spark/flink is provided, in other word, it’s not required to bundle spark/flink binary, use

./build/dist --tgz --spark-provided --flink-provided

Then you will get a Kyuubi distribution without spark binary named kyuubi-{version}-bin.tgz.