🦊 Welcome to Kyuubi’s online documentation ✨, v1.8.1

Getting Started with Helm#

Running Kyuubi with Helm#

Helm is the package manager for Kubernetes, it can be used to find, share, and use software built for Kubernetes.

Install Helm#

Please go to Installing Helm page to get and install an appropriate release version for yourself.

Get Kyuubi Started#

Install the chart#

helm install kyuubi ${KYUUBI_HOME}/charts/kyuubi -n kyuubi --create-namespace

It will print release info with notes, including the ways to get Kyuubi accessed within Kubernetes cluster and exposed externally depending on the configuration provided.

NAME: kyuubi
LAST DEPLOYED: Sat Feb 11 20:59:00 2023
STATUS: deployed
The chart has been installed!

In order to check the release status, use:
  helm status kyuubi -n kyuubi
    or for more detailed info
  helm get all kyuubi -n kyuubi

******* Services *******
- To access kyuubi-thrift-binary service within the cluster, use the following URL:
- To access kyuubi-thrift-binary service from outside the cluster for debugging, run the following command:
    kubectl port-forward svc/kyuubi-thrift-binary 10009:10009 -n kyuubi
  and use

Uninstall the chart#

helm uninstall kyuubi -n kyuubi

Configure chart release#

Specify configuration properties using --set flag. For example, to install the chart with replicaCount set to 1, use the following command:

helm install kyuubi ${KYUUBI_HOME}/charts/kyuubi -n kyuubi --create-namespace --set replicaCount=1

Also, custom values file can be used to override default property values. For example, create myvalues.yaml to specify replicaCount and resources:

replicaCount: 1

    cpu: 2
    memory: 4Gi
    cpu: 4
    memory: 10Gi

and use it to override default chart values with -f flag:

helm install kyuubi ${KYUUBI_HOME}/charts/kyuubi -n kyuubi --create-namespace -f myvalues.yaml

Access logs#

List all pods in the release namespace:

kubectl get pod -n kyuubi

Find Kyuubi pods:

NAME                      READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
kyuubi-5b6d496c98-kbhws   1/1     Running   0          38m
kyuubi-5b6d496c98-lqldk   1/1     Running   0          38m

Then, use pod name to get logs:

kubectl logs kyuubi-5b6d496c98-kbhws -n kyuubi