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Apache Paimon (Incubating)#

Apache Paimon(incubating) is a streaming data lake platform that supports high-speed data ingestion, change data tracking and efficient real-time analytics.


This article assumes that you have mastered the basic knowledge and operation of Apache Paimon (Incubating). For the knowledge about Apache Paimon (Incubating) not mentioned in this article, you can obtain it from its Official Documentation.

By using Kyuubi, we can run SQL queries towards Apache Paimon (Incubating) which is more convenient, easy to understand, and easy to expand than directly using Hive to manipulate Apache Paimon (Incubating).

Apache Paimon (Incubating) Integration#

To enable the integration of kyuubi hive sql engine and Apache Paimon (Incubating), you need to:


The classpath of kyuubi hive sql engine with Iceberg supported consists of

  1. kyuubi-hive-sql-engine-1.9.0_2.12.jar, the engine jar deployed with Kyuubi distributions

  2. a copy of hive distribution

  3. paimon-hive-connector-<hive.binary.version>-<paimon.version>.jar (example: paimon-hive-connector-3.1-0.4-SNAPSHOT.jar), which can be found in the Apache Paimon (Incubating) Supported Engines Hive

In order to make the Hive packages visible for the runtime classpath of engines, we can use one of these methods:

  1. You can create an auxlib folder under the root directory of Hive, and copy paimon-hive-connector-3.1-<paimon.version>.jar into auxlib.

  2. Execute ADD JAR statement in the Kyuubi to add dependencies to Hive’s auxiliary classpath. For example:

ADD JAR /path/to/paimon-hive-connector-3.1-<paimon.version>.jar;


The second method is not recommended. If you’re using the MR execution engine and running a join statement, you may be faced with the exception org.apache.hive.com.esotericsoftware.kryo.kryoexception: unable to find class.


Please mind the compatibility of different Apache Paimon (Incubating) and Hive versions, which can be confirmed on the page of Apache Paimon (Incubating) multi engine support.


If you are using HDFS, make sure that the environment variable HADOOP_HOME or HADOOP_CONF_DIR is set.

Apache Paimon (Incubating) Operations#

Apache Paimon (Incubating) only supports only reading table store tables through Hive. A common scenario is to write data with Spark or Flink and read data with Hive. You can follow this document Apache Paimon (Incubating) Quick Start with Paimon Hive Catalog to write data to a table which can also be accessed directly from Hive. and then use Kyuubi Hive SQL engine to query the table with the following SQL SELECT statement.

Taking Query Data as an example,

SELECT a, b FROM test_table ORDER BY a;

Taking Query External Table as an example,

CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE external_test_table
STORED BY 'org.apache.paimon.hive.PaimonStorageHandler'
LOCATION '/path/to/table/store/warehouse/default.db/test_table';

SELECT a, b FROM test_table ORDER BY a;