🦊 Welcome to Kyuubi’s online documentation ✨, v1.9.0

Developer Tools#

Update Project Version#

build/mvn versions:set -DgenerateBackupPoms=false

Update Dependency List#

Kyuubi uses the dev/dependencyList file to indicate what upstream dependencies will actually go to the server-side classpath.

For Pull requests, a linter for dependency check will be automatically executed in GitHub Actions.

You can run build/dependency.sh locally first to detect the potential dependency change first.

If the changes look expected, run build/dependency.sh --replace to update dev/dependencyList in your Pull request.

Format All Code#

Kyuubi uses Spotless with google-java-format and Scalafmt to format the Java and Scala code.

You can run dev/reformat to format all Java and Scala code.

Append descriptions of new configurations to settings.md#

Kyuubi uses settings.md to explain available configurations.

You can run dev/gen/gen_all_config_docs.sh to append and update descriptions of new configurations to settings.md.

Generative Tooling Usage#

In general, the ASF allows contributions co-authored using generative AI tools. However, there are several considerations when you submit a patch containing generated content.

Foremost, you are required to disclose usage of such tool. Furthermore, you are responsible for ensuring that the terms and conditions of the tool in question are compatible with usage in an Open Source project and inclusion of the generated content doesn’t pose a risk of copyright violation.

Please refer to The ASF Generative Tooling Guidance for more detailed information.