🦊 Welcome to Kyuubi’s online documentation ✨, v1.9.0

Building Documentation#

Follow the steps below and learn how to build the Kyuubi documentation as the one you are watching now.

Setup Environment#

  • Firstly, install virtualenv, this is optional but recommended as it is useful to create an independent environment to resolve dependency issues for building the documentation.

Install virtualenv#
$ pip install virtualenv
  • Switch to the docs root directory.

Switch to docs#
  • Create a virtual environment named ‘kyuubi’ or anything you like using virtualenv if it’s not existing.

New virtual environment#
$ virtualenv kyuubi
  • Activate the virtual environment,

Activate virtual environment#
$ source ./kyuubi/bin/activate

Install All Dependencies#

Install all dependencies enumerated in the requirements.txt.

Install dependencies#
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Create Documentation#

Make sure you are in the $KYUUBI_SOURCE_PATH/docs directory.

Linux & MacOS#

Sphinx build on Unix-like OS#
$ make html


Sphinx build on Windows#
$ make.bat html

If the build process succeed, the HTML pages are in $KYUUBI_SOURCE_PATH/docs/_build/html.

View Locally#

Open the $KYUUBI_SOURCE_PATH/docs/_build/html/index.html file in your favorite web browser.