🦊 Welcome to Kyuubi’s online documentation ✨, v1.9.0

Running Tests#

Kyuubi can be tested based on Apache Maven and the ScalaTest Maven Plugin, please refer to the ScalaTest documentation,

Running Tests Fully#

The following is an example of a command to run all the tests:

./build/mvn clean install

Running Tests for a Module#

./build/mvn clean install -pl kyuubi-common

Running Tests for a Single Test#

When developing locally, it’s convenient to run one single test, or a couple of tests, rather than all.

With Maven, you can use the -DwildcardSuites flag to run individual Scala tests:

./build/mvn clean install -Dtest=none -DwildcardSuites=org.apache.kyuubi.service.FrontendServiceSuite

If you want to make a single test that need to integrate with kyuubi-spark-sql-engine module, please build the package for kyuubi-spark-sql-engine module at first.

You can leverage the ready-made tool for creating a binary distribution.