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Hive Dialect Support

Hive Dialect Support#

Hive Dialect plugin aims to provide Hive Dialect support to Spark’s JDBC source. It will auto registered to Spark and applied to JDBC sources with url prefix of jdbc:hive2:// or jdbc:kyuubi://.

Hive Dialect helps to solve failures access Kyuubi. It fails and unexpected results when querying data from Kyuubi as JDBC source with Hive JDBC Driver or Kyuubi Hive JDBC Driver in Spark, as Spark JDBC provides no Hive Dialect support out of box and quoting columns and other identifiers in ANSI as “table.column” rather than in HiveSQL style as `table`.`column`.


  • quote identifier in Hive SQL style

    eg. Quote table.column in `table`.`column`


  1. Get the Kyuubi Hive Dialect Extension jar

    1. compile the extension by executing build/mvn clean package -pl :kyuubi-extension-spark-jdbc-dialect_2.12 -DskipTests

    2. get the extension jar under extensions/spark/kyuubi-extension-spark-jdbc-dialect/target

    3. If you like, you can compile the extension jar with the corresponding Maven’s profile on you compile command, i.e. you can get extension jar for Spark 3.5 by compiling with -Pspark-3.5

  2. Put the Kyuubi Hive Dialect Extension jar kyuubi-extension-spark-jdbc-dialect_-*.jar into $SPARK_HOME/jars

  3. Enable KyuubiSparkJdbcDialectExtension, by setting spark.sql.extensions=org.apache.spark.sql.dialect.KyuubiSparkJdbcDialectExtension, i.e.

    • add a config into $SPARK_HOME/conf/spark-defaults.conf

    • or add setting config in SparkSession builder