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Configure Kyuubi to use Custom Authentication

Configure Kyuubi to use Custom Authentication#

Besides the builtin authentication methods, kyuubi supports custom authentication implementations of org.apache.kyuubi.service.authentication.PasswdAuthenticationProvider.

package org.apache.kyuubi.service.authentication

import javax.security.sasl.AuthenticationException

trait PasswdAuthenticationProvider {

   * The authenticate method is called by the Kyuubi Server authentication layer
   * to authenticate users for their requests.
   * If a user is to be granted, return nothing/throw nothing.
   * When a user is to be disallowed, throw an appropriate [[AuthenticationException]].
   * @param user     The username received over the connection request
   * @param password The password received over the connection request
   * @throws AuthenticationException When a user is found to be invalid by the implementation
  def authenticate(user: String, password: String): Unit

Build A Custom Authenticator#

To create custom Authenticator class derived from the above interface, we need to:

  • Referencing the library


Enable Custom Authentication#

To enable the custom authentication method, we need to

  • Put the jar package to $KYUUBI_HOME/jars directory to make it visible for the classpath of the kyuubi server.

  • Configure the following properties to $KYUUBI_HOME/conf/kyuubi-defaults.conf on each node where kyuubi server is installed.

  • Restart all the kyuubi server instances